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Ume and Sakura

There's something about Japanese that you can distinguish them from other Asians easily, even if you're a Westerner. The way they open their eyes wide with anticipation when they listen, the way they walk quietly but swiftly through a crowd, though very subtle, every little thing tells you he/she comes from this world's third largest economy.


This characteristic gets even stronger in elders, in my observation, no other elders in the world like Japanese who dress so tastefully, well fitted to their body as well as their age. This is not superficial, if you understand in Japanese culture a well presented oneself is vital in order to respect an occasion, colleagues, friends and family, and people they don't even know.


This country is aging fast, with a quarter of their population above the age of 65, they are facing a lot in the next few decades, but like their ume (plum) and sakura (cherry blossom), Japanese will age gracefully and with dignity.

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