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Underneath his Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez, a long tunic combining a pair of loose pants, a common clothing in Pakistan, or the middle Eastern Islamic countries, for a lot of non-Muslim when they see people wearing Shalwar Kameez, they have a perception, or worse, they judge.


Quite the opposite, I think Shalwar Kameez cover up a lot of information of a person that we can usually tell by the way he/she dress, especially for men, no matter tellers, teachers, tailors, terrorists, or these automobile technicians in the photos, they all wear simple and unimposing colour Shalwar Kameez, one's personality, wealth, education, personal taste, mood, occupation, sexual orientation, etc. has became obscure.


So I wonder, in Pakistan there must be a very different and interesting way to tell, to get or to guess the status of a man, and it must be very unfamiliar to us.

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